History of JJ Thompson

It’s hard to believe that the lab is now 66 years old and of course, things have changed somewhat since it was established back in 1958 by John (Jack) Thompson.

Key points in our history

First Era (1958 – 1986)

1958: After leaving the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital John (Jack) Thompson, his wife Sylvia and Sylvia’s younger brother John Beardow made the first JJ Thompson orthodontic appliances in the kitchen of Jack’s and Sylvia’s home.

1958: After realising the potential, the team moved into the company’s first lab premises at Little Lane, Sheffield within six months.

1966: The team visited New York to attend their first international dental conference. The conference was a success and developed a new overseas customer base, which remained in place until the exporting of appliances to the USA became too costly.

1970s: Early in the decade, staff numbers grew to double figures and included Jack and Sylvia’s son Paul Thompson. Over this time the international focus shifted to Europe.

1978: The team outgrew Little Lane and moved to purpose-built premises on Hill Street. The skills within the lab meant that appliances like Bimlers, Frankels and Van Beeks could now be manufactured.

Second Era (1986 – 2012)

1986: Jack and Sylvia retired and sold the company to brother-in-law John Beardow and son Paul Thompson.

1992: JJ Thompson’s sister company Eurodontic Ltd was formed, initially buying stock in bulk for the growing laboratory. Eurodontic continues to thrive today, supplying 3D printers, pressure forming machines and lab materials from leading suppliers from around the world to customers all over the UK.

1996: Sadly, Jack passed away.

2011: The lab began to embrace digital technology, investing in the latest scanners, printers and communication platforms. Although they take an innovative approach to their work, the lab also still stays true to its early roots, creating hand-finished appliances to the very highest standards.

Third Era (2012 – 2022)

Ann John, Former General Manager, JJ Thompson Orthodontic

1984: Ann John starts employment

2012: John and Paul both retired at the end of 2012, handing over the leadership of the company to Ann John.

2016: JJ Thompson and Eurodontic became part of the Bupa family.

2022: Ann John retires from the company.

Fourth Era (2023 – present)

Clint Croft, Former General Manager, JJ Thompson Orthodontic

1990: Richard Levesley starts employment.

1993: Lee Daniel starts employment.

2011: Anthony Emmett starts employment.

2018: Dawn Bartram starts employment.

2023: Clint Croft takes over as General Manager, forming a senior management team consisting of Lee Daniel, Anthony Emmett, Dawn Bartram and Richard Leversley. Since taking over, Clint has continued to build on the legacy of his predecessors and has helped the company go from strength to strength.