SomnoDent Avant™

The SomnoDent Avant™ is the latest device to be introduced by SomnoMed, and is digitally designed for dentists who want a slim, durable device with a quality fit and finish.

The SomnoDent Avant™ is also their slimmest, strongest and first milled device, and features SomnoMed’s comfortable, patented Bflex liner for patient comfort. Patient comfort is directly correlated to patient compliance, lending to the efficacy of this device.

The SomnoDent Avant™ has an easy, drop-in fit, helping to reduce time spent adjusting devices chairside.


The SomnoDent Avant™ is produced using a CAD-CAM manufacturing system, ensuring a precise and consistent fit.

The SomnoDent Avant™ also features an innovative titration system that makes calibration easy.

SomnoMed’s digital manufacturing process delivers:

  • Unsurpassed patient comfort and retention via a proprietary CAD/CAM design and quality manufacturing processes
  • Unique coupling mechanism for optimal mandibular positioning and easier titration proven through early clinical results
  • The world’s first milled dual material oral appliance offering both comfort and precision
  • Durable SomnoDent Avant Advancement Straps provide simple calibration in 1mm increments
  • An initial set of 10 straps provided with your case with additional sizes available in small, medium, large (10 per set) to cover every patients complete advancement range
  • Backed by SomnoMed’s dependable 3-year warranty

Clinical Research

Early results are in:

  • 100% of patients reported that SomnoDent Avant is comfortable or very comfortable*
  • 96% of patients report that their quality of sleep improved*