Working with JJ Thompson

At JJ Thompson we continuously improve our systems and processes to provide the best possible service.

Sending work to us:

We accept impressions, models, intra-oral scans and STL files.

Sending impressions:

  • We can provide address labels or prepaid postage bags if required. The prepaid postage bags are provided at cost
  • When sending impressions, we recommend they are wrapped in damp cotton gauze and placed in a sealed bag to keep them moist in transit
  • You will need to send a suitable prescription form which can be found on the website. To do this:
    – Visit
    – Click the tab “about us”
    – Click “useful documents”
    – Select the correct prescription form

Sending digital scans:

We can accept files from any type of intra-oral scanner by any file format through our company portal

  • To open a portal account on our website:
    – Visit
    – Click “log into portal”Click “create an account”
    – Fill in the require information 

Once this is completed, someone will be in contact to let you know the next step.

  • When submitting scans, a prescription form needs to be completed through the company portal. This is always required because:
  • The intra-oral scanner software alone does not provide enough information to act as the prescription.
    – We do not accept prescriptions via email as this is not a secure format

If using the BUPA Labs ordering system, remember to tick the “digital” check box to correctly initiate the case

Appliance delivery:

  • Our prices include next day delivery within the UK (international shipments will incur an additional charge)
  • All appliances are delivered to practices via a suitable courier with next day delivery
  • Direct post to patient services is sent via Royal Mail.

Appliance design:

  • We can assist with design of any appliances based on a treatment plan
  • We can offer a range of colours and designs for certain appliances, please contact us for information

Turnaround times:

Turnaround times quoted are from the day an impression or scan arrives at our facility to the day the appliance is dispatched from our facility.

Our current turnaround times are shown on the company portal when booking a job.

Approximate turnaround time guide:

  • Pressure formed appliances: up to 3 working days
  • Removable appliances: up to 7 working days
  • Functional appliances: up to 10 working days
  • Bonded retainers: up to 5 working days
  • Fixed retainers: up to 7 working days 
  • Clear aligners: up to 14 working days

Repairs and remake policy:

A replacement device will be issued, free of charge, if a manufacturing fault develops within 6 months of the date of manufacture. Contact and include the following information: patient name, patient number, brief description, and a photograph of the fault.

All appliances can be repaired or remade if there is a fault that needs rectifying. Work could be chargeable if it falls outside the remake policy.

Paying account balance:

The best way to pay is by Bank Transfer. For details please email

Company contact details:

Address: JJ Thompson Orthodontic Appliances, 95 Hill Street, Sheffield, S2 4SP
General Enquiries: 0114 275 9585 (lines open Monday – Friday 9:00 – 16:00)

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