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Focus on….Indirect Bonding

In any practice, the most valuable resource is your time. Accurate bracket positioning is an essential, yet time-consuming element of many treatments, with most fixed appliances requiring a lot of time and attention during the direct bonding process. It takes a great deal of orthodontic skill to attain the optimum bracket position the first time round. The slightest miscalculation can lead to more adjustment appointments, complex wire bending and prolonged treatment times.

Indirect bonding, which is also known as digital bracket placement, determines the exact digital position for each bracket. Our cutting edge software enables us to calculate the most infinitesimal changes to their placement – movements that simply wouldn’t be possible working in the mouth. You can then review the placements on using our online customer portal, including images of the predicted outcomes and 3D animated tooth movement. This is a useful tool for discussing the treatment plan and expected results with your patient.

Once the positions have been reviewed and agreed, our technicians manufacture and hand-finish your bonding trays with unrivalled accuracy.


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