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Let Smilefile help you with NHS retendering

Smilefile is the new digital solution from JJ Thompson, designed to meet the needs of orthodontic practices.

Smilefile creates digital study models and provides PAR scoring and Cloud storage, all in a convenient, low-cost package.

Why choose Smilefile?

  • revolutionises the way you work – for the better
  • meets the requirements of the new NHS tendering process
  • complies with regulatory requirements for PAR scoring
  • provides secure, long-term Cloud storage of your patient files
  • frees up valuable space and staff time
  • become an eco-friendly practice

What’s included?

  • Free, easy-to-use viewing software
  • Creation of digital study models, so you can replace your old plaster models
  • Easy online viewing of patient files
  • PAR scoring
  • Digital storage of your patient records

Let us help you get started.

Get in touch today on 0114 275 9585 or visit for more information.


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