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Somnomed hosts sleep medicine seminars

Every Tuesday in January, dentists interested in Dental Sleep Medicine had the opportunity to attend an amazing series of webinars facilitated by one of JJ Thompson’s valued suppliers, SomnoMed®.

The webinars were presented by Dr Aditi Desai, President of the BSDSM & BADSM and President Elect of Odontology at the RSM.

Aditi gave a thorough and comprehensive overview of the subject and her professional experiences, while Katie Simpson, SomnoMed’s UK Sales Manager complemented the subjects taught with extra information on the SomnoDent® range of products and how they can help with some of the complex issues that can arise in DSM.

Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions to both Aditi and Katie at the end of each session and the feedback received was excellent:

“Very thorough, well communicated and interesting presentation”

“The sessions have definitely encouraged my interest in dental sleep medicine”

As a result, SomnoMed are very much encouraged to provide further webinars in March. Suggested topics include:

  • How SomnoMed work in the UK, both in the private sector and the NHS, treating patients with snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Why Intraoral Scanning and Dental Sleep Medicine go so well together
  • The Multi-Disciplinary Team and the importance of working together to treat OSA
  • The Effectiveness Equation – demonstrating the effectiveness of SomnoDent devices compared to CPAP therapy

Do you have a topic that you would like Somnomed to facilitate? Contact:

Find out more about Somnomed here.

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